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1, explanation of the business name (trademark) Hard: AS a person, you should be honest,reliable, magnanimous, and also be tolerant firstly. Secondly, you should have a turbulent personality. You should obey the regulation above no matter what you do.
Managing the business, you should comprehend the regularity of rising and sinking; you should master yourself by scientific knowledge and intelligence during that period.
Hard: The literal sense - it is difficult, stiff and the effort;
Extending meaning―make concerted efforts, work hard, make a firm determination, overcomes the hardship and fights for the triumph.
The summary -Nothing is difficult to the man who will try.

2. Management concept of the HARD electron.
The management concept: Make value for the customer, make profits for the business, and make well-being for the employees.
The management guiding principle: the higher quality, the lower price, Prompt delivery and excellent service.
The quality guiding principle: Primary Quality, Topmost Credit, Fragmentary fault, Pursue outstandingly.
The quality target:
1.Establish and maintains the ISO9000's quality assurance system
2. Establish and maintains all kinds of tests about secure standard
3.Failure rate in use≤50PPM

3. The Harder's faith:
I am the most self-conscious, and the most excellent, I believe I can:
1. Design the specimen with the competitive price which can meet customer’s necessaries.
2. Manufacture the high quality, low consumption and fragmentary fault products
3. Guarantee there are no delay, no error delivery and the prompt after-sale service.
4. Keep the work place and the manufacture environment orderly and neat, furthermore do well in “the 5S " administration.
5. Create value for the customer and the community, accumulate Credit and profits for the business.
6. Realize dignity and well-being for yourself (stable occupation ,Continuously increased pay and Material benefits .

4. The Basic requirement of Harder's quality
1. Good moral character
The morality is the root of establish an enterprise, the morality is the spirit to prosper the enterprise.
You should obey the moral regulation, be kind to others, venerate others and try to be comprehended by others in the family, company and the society.
You should know that everyone has its own strong points and shortcomings, you should learn from others around you to offset personal weaknesses.
2. You should have the higher self-cultivation, guard corporation’s honor and make the corporation to develop.
3. You should have a strong enterprise.
We should understand clearly that our professional quality and skills still have a distance with the corporation's requirement. the Harders should have a strong enterprise with your profession and skills and climbing to the summit of your own enterprise at last.
The most core, natural thing of three basic requirements is the morality

5. Institutions of the Administrator
1. As an administrator, I will confront hardship work voluntarily
2. As an administrator, I am the embodiment of management , and also the motility that promotes the management
3. As an administrator, I must bring the strength of our subordinate and organization into full play
4. As an administrator, I must work swiftly, and do not waste time
5. As an administrator, I must make a decision with the figure constantly
6. As an administrator, I must do self-inspire continuously
7. As an administrator, I can exist in the new age with enough creative power
8. As an administrator, I must take action actively.
9. As an administrator, I must cultivate my subordinate actively
10. As an administrator, I must have the Consciousness of purpose, problem and value in my action.

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